Interactive Physics (IPMaths) is a complete motion lab on the computer that combines a simple user interface with a powerful engine that simulates the fundamentals of Newtonian Mechanics. With Interactive Physics, you can create simulations by drawing objects on the screen and bring these simulations to life with stunning animation. You create simulations by drawing on the computer screen with a mouse just as you would with a painting or drawing program. Springs, ropes, dampers, meters and a variety of object shapes are available. Clicking Run animates the simulation. The powerful simulation engine inside Interactive Physics determines how objects should move and presents a realistic movie of the simulation. No programming is required. Simulations are defined by how you place objects in the workspace. Friction and elasticity can be altered. Gravity can be changed or turned off. Virtually any physical characteristic of an object can be controlled. Physical quantities such as velocity, acceleration, momentum, angular momentum, kinetic energy and friction force can be measured while a simulation is performed.

What do you get with Interactive Physics / IPMaths?

  • The Interactive Physics 2D Modelling Program
  • A library of over 100 ready made interactive models for teaching the A-level Mathematics Mechanics modules - together with a course navigator which maps the models to the Maths Mechanics Course Specifications
  • A library of example models for teaching A-level Physics and GCSE Physics

What are the benefits of using Interactive Physics / IPMaths?

  • Interactive Physics helps students visualise and understand many tricky concepts in Mechanics and Physics
  • It provides an engaging and enjoyable way to learn - this will motivate students
  • Students can learn through building models. No programming is required and it is great fun.
  • It is easy to use, and the course mappings for the Maths Mechancis Modules (IPMaths) make it easy to find relevant resources
  • It is ideal for the Mechanics Modules M1 to M5
"IP Maths can bring Mechanics 1 to life. It really helps students to visualise what is happening and what may happen in a variety of contexts"
Stephen Brook, Head of Maths, Kings Grantham
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